Counter Terror and Trauma Training

Tel Aviv Israel | October 22-25, 2018
2018/10/22 10:00:00

Why counter terror training?

In the current situation, different organizations must be able to draw up operational and care instructions for terrorist attacks and related activities. Experience in the knowledge and practice exercises provides tools to develop your own organisation. Effectiveness of nursing, occupational safety, risk identification and practices are at the core of our training. The target groups of our training are paramedics, police, TEMS, doctors, border guards and the army’s medic staff.

Why Israel?

Israel may have the greatest experience with counter-terrorist measures than any other modern nation. Israel is well known for having the best Counter-Terror Units in the world.

How to participate

To participate in our Counter Terror and Trauma – training, please send your binding application to If you haven’t got a response mail within 3 work days, please contact +358456431440.
Please mention in your application following:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address & country
  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Profession
  • Organization
  • Invoice address
  • Special dietary requirements
cvntems Counter Terror And Trauma Training

Price of training

1300€ / person include
  • 4-day training
  • Training material
  • Lunch
  • Transportation from meetingpoint to training
  • 1 social evening

Refunds for cancellation

Until 4 months before training, 100% refund. 4-2 months before training, 50% refund. 2-0 months before training, no refund!

For cancelation, please inform by e-mail to

The provider is not liable for any damage caused by force majeure or any other unforeseeable cause that the trader or the trader may not have been able to prevent as far as possible.

CVNTEMS Counter Terror And Trauma Training
CVNTEMS Counter Terror And Trauma Training
CVNTEMS Counter Terror And Trauma Training


Get familiar with the products of use during training

  • Medical treatment under fire-testimony
  • Hemorrhage control
  • Vascular access
  • Hypothermia prevention and airway management
  • Lecture in Counter Terrorism and Trauma

Training and Simulation

  • Intro to Tactical Medicine – This lesson will emphasize the differences between the combat arena and civilian care and will explain the development of TCCC
  • Care Under Fire (CUF) – We will deal the issues of fire supremacy, moving a casualty under fire, providing first body aid, communication under fire, extraction under fire and the usage of tourniquets as the fundamental components of this stage. CUF training is accompanied with practical scenarios and hands-on training
  • Tactical Field Care (TFC) – Learn to assess consciousness, establish priorities, implement airway management, treat chest traumas, control bleeding and provide tactical care for situations such as: hypothermia, burns, penetrating eye injuries and more
  • Practical Stations – Trainees will have the opportunity to practice airway management, chest wound management, bleeding control etc

Training and Simulation in “real” scenarios under fire and terror attacks

  • Practical scenarios based on highly relative occurrences in the battlefield requiring difficult tactical/ medical decisions, or that require a major departure from standard civilian practice. The three (3) main stages of Scenario-Based simulations are:
  1. Choosing the scenario based on the needs of the unit
  2. Simulation – using highly experienced instructors and state of the art medical simulation equipment
  3. Debriefing by tactical/medical experts

A day tour to Jerusalem

  • Debriefing after a terrorist act / Jerusalem ambulance service
  • Jerusalem tour
  • Old town
  • Arabic and Jewish market

CVNTEMS Counter Terror And Trauma Training
CVNTEMS Counter Terror And Trauma Training
CVNTEMS Counter Terror And Trauma Training


PerSys Medical

PerSys Medical is an American company with offices is UK and Israel. It is expert in life saving innovations and tactical medical devices.


M-TACS is the leader in providing tactical-medicine know-how for the battlefield, with many years of experience and implementing the knowledge of Israel’s leading medical experts, opinion leaders, R&D personnel and combat-experienced instructors, M-TACS mission is to establish tactical medical arrays for combat, security & medical units worldwide. The M-TACS team is composed of former military doctors, paramedics and other professional medical personnel. The instructors have worldwide experience in teaching about medical and other combat fields. Their experience includes instructing Special Forces units, SWAT units, CP teams and Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) teams.


CareVision provides training courses in first aid, medical training and safety training for professionals in Finland. The CareVision team has now expanded their training abroad, and first out is Counter Terror and Trauma training in Tel Aviv, Israel. CareVision Group, includes CareVision, CVN Medical Solutions and Suomen Turvatieto organize the biggest Primary Aid Fair in Finland, since 2007.

CVN Medical Solutions

CVN Medical Solutions provide the best products within first aid and tactical equipment’s into the Finnish market. CVN Medical Solutions choose their products with care and keep a high standard on demands for their products. CVN Medical Solutions has started their own product development within hypothermia, with a testing center in Finnish Lapland. The first product was released in the beginning of 2018.



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